Sunday, February 19, 2017

SMA Q2 - E-paper display watch

SMA Q2 is a Pebble Time like reflective display watch.

(SMA Time also used)

It means display is always on.

Color E-paper (E-ink) like display watch.  Basically it is a color LCD display with a good angle view.

It has lot of potential - depends on Support from SMA - the watch maker company.

Some feature highlights:

  • Always on - don't need back light to see display!
  • 40 days with one charge. (promised by company)
  • HR sensor for Heart Pulse measurement.
  • Accelerator sensor for Activity and Sleep measurements.
  • Vibration notification for any notification. ex: Calls, any notification from any app like messages, email, etc.
  • Back lights.

I can compare to Mi Band 2 because I earlier have that one, and can say it is comparable quality and much more useful because of "LCD" display.

If you have Pebble Time you fill this Q2 is ccomparison lone of that.

Could see the display any time (in any lighted environment)
40 days with one charge.
Cheap 48-55 USD. see Gearbest or Aliexpress.
Watch faces can be changed.
Hack-able in some basic aspect, like
Do not Disturb can be automated (see this DnD related blog) and planed to make blog for
HR and Activity data can be extracted (see sma-q2-extracting-data blog),

No custom watch faces yet! Most of the factory watch faces are ugly, un useful.
No support from company to development or community.
Relative big compared to Mi band 2.

See my comparison video of SMA Q2 to Miband 2

XDA-developers forum
Italian review
Hungarian forum

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