Sunday, February 19, 2017

SMA Q2 - Do Not Disturb - Automation.

SMA Q2 and Do not Disturb Automation.

See my previous blog about SMA Q2.

You need Root access to your device to this!!

Do not Disturb (DnD) is a feature to enable or disable Notifications on watch. 
Watch is vibrate and display when any notification sent from phone to watch.

DnD settings is not available on the watch but can be set in the SMA Care app here:
The settings is unfortunately has no a Broadcast Intent. (you can't call directly) 

Why it is a problem?  Because when you forget to set DnD when go to sleep, then night messages or calls will be vibrate watch and will wake up you.

But DnD setting can be hacked with Tasker (An automation tool for Android) and Secure Settings (Secure Settings is also an android app which access system settings) 

The main principle is to deactivate Notification Listener service for SMA Q2.

What you need:
  1. Root on your device.
  2. Tasker 
  3. Secure Settings.   (as a Tasker plugin.)

  1. Make new Task 1   - name it ex.: SMA_notification_off.

2. Add Plugin - Secure Settings

  • All Action- 
  • System+ Actions
  • Notification Listener.
  • Choose SMA CARE in pull down list.
  • Disabled
  • Save.

3. Make another new (Task 2)   - name it ex.: SMA_notification_on.
    In this task set ENABLED the Notification listener.

4. Set a Tasker Profile.

Add a new Time based Profile in Tasker.
Ex: 21.30 -08:30
       Enter task is the TASK 1 (SMA_notification_off)
       Exit task will be TASK 2 (SMA_notification_on)


Enjoy.  :)

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